The Farce Concludes

The electoral farce is complete and the Democratic Party has once again embarrassed itself trying to turn the state of Texas “blue” once more (like always) the revisionist, the opportunist, and the liberal have all discredited themselves more among the masses, by insisting that this time is “different”. It must be made clear, nothing is different, and even if the Democrats did get a victory it would not have made a single difference.

While 50.9% percent of those still playing into the electoral farce voted for Cruz, 48.3 of them voted for O’Rourke determining the results. What is less talked about is the fact that most people in the US already see through the electoral farce—the last midterm elections only saw 1/3rd of eligible voters actually vote, MEANING that 2/3rd boycotted! While the bourgeois media will spread the ideas that non-voters are apathetic, going among this vast majority shows that they are anything but apathetic—on the contrary, they are keenly aware that none of the candidates represent them, their communities and their interests.

The masses already know that bourgeois politics are a dead end; this is a great development which indicates good conditions for building the revolutionary movement. What the majority of people, those who boycott, really need is the reconstruction of the Communist Party, we must rise to this task. Grasp, uphold and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.

Onward to the boycott of the 2020 Presidential Elections!




We received this image from Houston, Texas