Statement on the Opportunist Former Leadership of the US Maoist Movement

The following is a statement by Revolutionary Study Group, which has no affiliation with Red Guards Austin besides being among those who have inherited the movement they were a part of and wish to continue the struggle. As this statement describes, the new movement has expelled the abusive clique of opportunists who made Red Guards Austin so notorious for sectarianism and cruelty.

In spring of last year, Tribune of the People News and several adjacent organizations dissolved due to opportunist leadership. Recently, the online publication Communist International released a statement on the situation of the Maoists in the US. The following is a statement by the Revolutionary Study Group in light of the CI statement and recent developments in the movement. We are the largest and most active grouping to emerge from the old movement, consisting of a closely-knit national network of organizations in more than a dozen cities. We sincerely appreciate the encouragement the CI statement offers to make this long-overdue clarification.

It is true that the state of the US Maoist movement is complex. We are now generally disorganized, there is a significant amount of pessimism, and there are trends of liquidationism that have emerged. However, the CI statement is vague, and unfortunately a plausible interpretation is that it directly endorses these opportunists, who have committed crimes against members of the movement and refused all self-criticism, instead doubling down on their anti-people positions.

The liquidation comes as a result of the mass rejection by hundreds of comrades of an opportunist leadership of no more than ten people who were responsible for egregious anti-people actions.  A full evaluation and synthesis of the problems of opportunism and revisionism is a pressing task. This statement begins to address this problem, but is by no means exhaustive.  The old leadership has committed both “left” and right opportunist errors. An analysis of the primary aspect of these errors and a precise characterization will be made with the completion of a more comprehensive evaluation. For the sake of brevity, we will label them as opportunists.

The Errors of Leadership

The main ideological error of the old leadership was a metaphysical, mechanical world view, most egregiously in their ideas about the masses and their own place among them. To be blunt, they were utterly convinced of their own intellectual and moral superiority. Their outlook is black-and-white thinking, which is antithetical to Maoism. They did not understand dialectics as a unity of opposites, and could not recognize the difference between antagonistic and non-antagonistic contradictions. They were unable to divide one into two when analyzing people, things, and events, resulting in profound subjectivism. Despite their lip service to women’s emancipation, their assessments of individuals’ competence and worth played out along sexist lines. Their organizational methods perverted democratic-centralism in order to create and maintain a bourgeois leadership based on personal loyalty. This resulted in the liquidation that we now have to contend with.

Ultimately, these political errors were carried out in organizational methods that can only be described as gangsterist and lumpen. They resorted to steep financial penalties, corporal punishment, sleep deprivation, regularly demeaning, intimidating, shouting, and cursing at comrades including in hours-long “struggle sessions” and “trials,” and isolation from friends and family. One of the most egregious examples of their callousness and self-serving was leaving a vocally loyal cadre in a position of leadership even after learning he had attempted sexual assault—and expelling him only after it came to light he later committed rape, empowered by the authority they chose to leave him with. As a result of the opportunists’ mistreatment and abuse, many comrades who were in various levels of organization in the movement are burnt out, pessimistic, and demoralized.

Misunderstanding antagonistic/non-antagonistic contradictions led to several political errors. They pegged cadre and mass activists as “revisionists” and “bourgeois headquarters” for minor organizational infractions or for trying to struggle against political lines. With this, they would expel good militants and refuse to organize with some people, forcing many through abusive and endlessly prolonged “rectifications” designed to break opposition to the personalist rule. People who used to be in revisionist organizations for example were treated as committed enemies rather than as young activists in the process of learning. Likewise they discouraged reading ‘unapproved’ material such as documents from the New Communist Movement. This was a mindset of a metaphysical “contamination” by revisionism, rather than a correct approach to dividing one into two, distinguishing the good from the bad, and learning from mistakes.

They could not think creatively, and they tried to mechanically apply ideas from Brazil and Peru to conditions where they did not fit, or implemented these methods in form but not in essence. One example of this is with the ideological organ, Tribune of the People. Over time, quantitative measures such as number of newspapers sold were emphasized over mass work centered within the trenches of class struggle. This was a mechanical application which failed to grasp Lenin’s concept of a “scaffolding” which acts as a collective propagandist, agitator, and organizer.

They encouraged people to think of family and friends as “liberals” who were ideological opponents rather than masses who should be learned from and patiently won over. They had a sectarian approach to other Maoists and progressive organizations. Internally and externally, they sought to split rather than to unite. Overall, they saw enemies when they looked at friends. As a result, they treated friends as enemies. This led to anti-people actions such as financial and psychological abuse.

Overall, they greatly stifled two-line struggle. Even where they were not trying to crush dissent with abuse, the leadership prevented two-line struggle with their poor methods of communication and ideological development within the organizations. When they did ostensibly hold formal two-line struggle, they used it as an opportunity to ambush, embarrass, and browbeat comrades rather than to patiently seek unity in the correct line while elaborating and enriching it. The leadership did not dedicate enough attention to politically developing cadre and activists. The study materials they did produce did not focus on synthesizing lessons as Chairman Gonzalo taught, but on superficial analysis. The leadership did not dedicate enough attention to politically developing cadre and activists. The study materials they did produce did not focus on synthesizing lessons as Chairman Gonzalo taught, but on superficial analysis. Contacts who reached out to the ideological organ were criticized coldly, as if they were already advanced cadre making serious mistakes.

The Causes of Disorganization

The leadership failed to operate with democratic-centralism, principally centralism. Centralism is in the first place the centralization of correct opinions. It relies on broad democratic foundations within the organization. The leadership did not solicit the ideas of the lower bodies or provide them sufficient time and material to hold genuinely informed deliberation on the direction and decisions of higher bodies. Instead, they made decisions in advance and only held discussions as a formality, while seeking out and punishing any significant dissent. They did not place trust in the masses, instead relying on the imagined intellectual supremacy of the main leaders. They disdained democracy because they viewed everyone else as inferior. This stifled the centralism of correct ideas. As a result, organizations stagnated, and there were very few avenues for directing criticism and ideas towards the leadership in ways that would receive proper attention.

Even facing such organizational failings, many comrades made several attempts to communicate criticisms through proper channels and to utilize internal organizational mechanisms. When contradictions sharpened last year, the leadership shut down avenues for struggle and did not respond when comrades reached out soliciting self-criticism and response to the criticisms raised. With this, we can see the leadership demonstrated a disregard for following proper internal channels. This rejection of democratic-centralism was a major cause of the disorganization. As to what unity and struggle are possible with the opportunists, we will address this below.

Liquidationism, disorganization, and pessimism are serious problems we have to address. Many good comrades are taking indefinite time away from activism. Others whom we consider friends are now seriously questioning international organs like Communist International and even Maoism itself, especially the essential questions of maintaining an organizational center​ and centralism itself. But we should be clear that these problems were fertilized in the manure of the old leadership’s opportunism. Through political underdevelopment, unnecessary isolation of individuals and groups, a pattern of unprincipled expulsions and splits, and a tendency to rely on disbanding local chapters or entire organizations as a solution to internal problems, the former leadership fostered the conditions for liquidationism in the current movement. We know from publicly available information that the old leadership disbanded several mass organizations and chapters, that they expelled entire committees on unprincipled grounds, and that they limited avenues for criticism and two-line struggle to a farcical degree.

The opportunist leadership denied people genuine Marxism in ideological or organizational terms. Any problem with liquidation, disorganization, and demoralization we contend with now is overwhelmingly an outgrowth of the opportunism which was in command prior to the events of Spring 2022. The opportunist leadership may not have explicitly called for the liquidation of the organizations in the movement, but through their actions and ideological deviations, they guaranteed it. The struggle against liquidationism then takes concrete form as the struggle against the opportunists who created the conditions for the current condition of disorganization and demoralization. It must also entail patient and compassionate struggle with many former comrades who have left the movement. We are confident many of these people will return to our ranks when they see the capability and advances of our movement proven in practice, and know that they will be shown a respect and comradely attitude never afforded to them by the opportunists.

The Struggle against Opportunism

Many of us still struggle with metaphysical/mechanical thinking. Dialectics can be very difficult to consistently apply. However, because these ideological errors and failure to grasp dialectics led to a long pattern of anti-people actions, these opportunists should be expelled from any organizations in the Maoist movement. Sectarianism, subjectivism, dogmatism, and idealism can often be rectified internally. However, because these errors manifested in anti-people actions, greater disciplinary action is necessary.

The opportunist leaders were cruel, callous, and vindictive.  Our comrades are traumatized, demoralized, and physically ill due to their actions. They left us a movement scattered and disorganized. But moreover, they hurt our friends and comrades through their anti-people conduct. In the course of the revolutionary struggle, we must constantly combat bourgeois tendencies that emerge in our movement. More often than not, we can criticize and struggle with comrades. This is because, despite their errors which are secondary, they still have a genuine desire to serve the people, which is primary. The opportunist leadership did not proceed from this revolutionary commitment to the people, but rather from an anti-people individualism and self-aggrandizement.

We will comment briefly on what possibility there is for unity with the old leadership: for the foreseeable future, the only unity possible with them is based on their complete withdrawal from political life, a sober and genuine commitment to self-criticism and accountability for their crimes, and quiet attempts at personal transformation. The transformation they would have to undergo to once again make themselves useful to the people as activists is profound. We believe we have reason to doubt they will achieve that on their own in the near future, as even now they have shown no remorse whatsoever, only more bile and threats. Our movement is far from having the capability likely needed to reform these individuals. What’s more, we have far more to gain by directing our energy elsewhere, including consolidation of our current forces and rectification of any inherited errors. But because we are Marxists, though it may take great effort and very long time on their part, we will not rule out the possibility. As for anyone who may be currently supporting the old leadership who themselves have committed no abuses, they are encouraged to break with them as soon as possible and come forward with an honest self-criticism: they will receive a patient and even-handed assessment of what it will take for them to continue in the movement.

This position demonstrates a genuine adherence to the principle of striving for unity and not for splitting—a principle never held in high regard by the opportunists. It recognizes the fundamental law that one divides into two and that anyone can change, that even enemies can be transformed into friends with the correct line—a fundamental law never truly grasped by the opportunists.

At the same time, our movement needs to rectify the metaphysical thinking espoused by the opportunist leadership. This way of thinking still skews the approach taken by many activists. Many genuine comrades have used the same black-and-white thinking to assess the old leadership. We cannot combat opportunism with opportunism or metaphysics with metaphysics. Instead we should have a two-sided, dialectical approach. We need to divide the good from the bad. Claiming that all the various prior organizations and ideological organs in the Maoist movement to reconstitute the CPUSA were entirely ideologically bankrupt is harmful to efforts to reorganize the movement on a solid footing. Arguing that everyone involved in the dissolved organizations should never organize again is a mindset based in the same metaphysical thinking of the opportunist leadership. If we proceed from an assumption that any previous organizations were entirely failures, then we risk concealing the true nature of those failures behind platitudes about revisionism and blanket accusations unsubstantiated by a concrete analysis of concrete conditions. We cannot understand Marxism unless we understand revisionism, and vice versa. Those who make sweeping claims about revisionism do not fully understand Marxism. But to the extent that they do not fully understand Marxism, the main reason is that the opportunist revisionist leadership taught them metaphysics.

To truly expose the errors and crimes of opportunism, we must measure the bad against the good. The opportunist leadership would not have been able to carry out the errors they did if they hadn’t introduced Maoism as defined by Chairman Gonzalo, if they hadn’t produced useful ideological interventions (on the question of the seizure of power for example), if they hadn’t led a few struggles that won partial demands.  Nothing is completely bad: the opportunist leadership did have some good aspects. They used these to cover for profound and surmounting errors.

This is why we need to understand the good in order to understand the bad. We must deepen our understanding of dialectical materialism and aim at political development at all levels of organization as a central task. We must unite and reorganize the movement through two-line struggle and rectification of previous errors.

It is politically untenable for any comrades to recognize and work with the opportunists. The US Maoist movement is making significant advancements in uniting, deepening our ideological-political development, and engaging in class struggle without them. Our commitment should not be to any particular individual but to the masses and the ideology of the proletariat. We urge the international Maoist movement to recognize this opportunist sect for what they are: isolated, unremorseful, and pathetic.

We conclude by commending the founding of the International Communist League. We greatly appreciate the concern and suggestions from the international communist movement about the revolutionary movement in the United States. We welcome criticism from comrades internationally, and encourage them to continue to investigate the questions addressed above. The reconstitution of the Communist Party of the USA is an important task and will serve the international proletariat in its struggle for power. The current bend in the road is temporary and victory is inevitable.

Combat chauvinism, metaphysics, subjectivism, and liquidationism!

Unite under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live the International Communist League!

Two Years Later: The State Cannot Break Fighters for Our Class


Two years ago, on November 13, 2016, Texas State Troopers attempted to kill Comrade Dallas during one of the protests following the election of the proto-fascist president Donald Trump. The agents of the state targeted the comrade for his inspiring leadership of the masses in the protest. The troopers honed in on him, and pinned him down to the ground, using a chokehold to crush the vertebrates in our comrade’s neck.

The comrade only avoided the possibility of permanent paralysis and possibly death because people in the crowd intervened to stop the attempted assassination, at great risk to themselves. But the comrade was still taken in to the state’s dungeons, and deliberately left without medical attention, risking further permanent damage.

What kept this comrade going as he endured pain and faced potential death, and what keeps him going today, was his ideology, the all-powerful, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. This ideology will lead us to glorious heights where the jackboots of capitalists will no longer dehumanize us, and target us for extermination. This makes his suffering, and the suffering of all fighters for our class, worth it.

Even today, the state still tries to break Comrade Dallas, and hangs the possibility of years in prison over him with false charges. We must maintain solidarity, and continue to support him.

We always remember that the capitalist state will be ruthless and relentless in its attempts to exterminate fighters for our class, the proletariat. In the blink of an eye its agents will seize the chance to murder us, especially in the midst of street protests, which are precursors of the wars to come. The state’s agents are always trained to destroy us, even while liberals believe we are exercising our supposed right to assembly peacefully.

The state is never peaceful and is always at war with our class. We must recognize this reality, and begin to wage war against the capitalist-imperialist state. Like those who intervened to save the comrade from permanent paralysis, ripping him from the jaws of death, we must intervene to liberate our class from the yoke of imperialism. Imperialism will stop at nothing to crush our necks and dominate  the world. We must build up the United Front, the Red Army, and the Communist Party to crush imperialism, and ensure that it will whither away for all eternity.

We recognize November 13th as a day to commemorate the event which took place two years ago, as well as to honor the resistance to state repression which has only increased!


The Farce Concludes

The electoral farce is complete and the Democratic Party has once again embarrassed itself trying to turn the state of Texas “blue” once more (like always) the revisionist, the opportunist, and the liberal have all discredited themselves more among the masses, by insisting that this time is “different”. It must be made clear, nothing is different, and even if the Democrats did get a victory it would not have made a single difference.

While 50.9% percent of those still playing into the electoral farce voted for Cruz, 48.3 of them voted for O’Rourke determining the results. What is less talked about is the fact that most people in the US already see through the electoral farce—the last midterm elections only saw 1/3rd of eligible voters actually vote, MEANING that 2/3rd boycotted! While the bourgeois media will spread the ideas that non-voters are apathetic, going among this vast majority shows that they are anything but apathetic—on the contrary, they are keenly aware that none of the candidates represent them, their communities and their interests.

The masses already know that bourgeois politics are a dead end; this is a great development which indicates good conditions for building the revolutionary movement. What the majority of people, those who boycott, really need is the reconstruction of the Communist Party, we must rise to this task. Grasp, uphold and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism.

Onward to the boycott of the 2020 Presidential Elections!




We received this image from Houston, Texas



Boycott the Electoral Farce!

As the bourgeois electoral farce looms near, we have received the following images. The election boycott has reached every major Texas city as well as other cities across the US. In Austin, it is impossible to travel far without seeing slogans in support of the boycott. As the corporate bourgeois media and corporations like Google and  Facebook shame the masses into voting, revolutionaries insist that what they want us to do is not in our best interests. The ruling class is desperate to legitimize itself by begging people to vote. The vast majority of those in the US and especially the proletariat have already committed to boycotting the elections.

While revisionists are happy to serve the ruling class by dragging the masses backward into electoral politics, all true revolutionaries make their position clear: we must reconstitute the Communist Party, initiate and develop People’s  War,  and continue the socialist revolution until communism!

Below  images from Austin, Houston, and Dallas




beto 1

cruz 1



Elections no!
Revolution yes!

Nationwide Demonstrations in US Call to Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

On November 2nd, the US Red Guards Movement coordinated a series of lightning demonstrations at Mexican consulates (Pittsburgh doesn’t have a consulate but still held a lightning demonstration) in five cities across the country in solidarity with our comrades in Latin America. Similar demonstrations took place in September at the Mexican consulates in both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Quito, Ecuador.

In Austin, comrades held their demonstration at a disorganized consulate that didn’t seem to know how to handle a basic human rights inquiry. Consulate staff in Austin admitted that they had never experienced anything like this. Comrades in Kansas City handed out flyers and posted their statement onto the outside of their consulate after the consulate locked their doors. In Los Angeles, security at the consulate closed the entrance to prevent a large crowd, consisting of many mass supporters, from getting into the building.

We call on all progressive formations around the world to join in the International Campaign to Present Dr. Sernas Alive with actions against the reactionary Mexican state, and to popularize among the masses the cause of the forced disappearances of activists and democratic fighters.

Long live the defenders and servants of the people!

Long live international solidarity!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

¡Dr Sernas presentación con vida!

  • Red Guards Austin
  • Red Guards Los Angeles
  • Red Guards Kansas City
  • Red Guards Pittsburgh
  • Red Guards Charlotte


Los Angeles

Kansas City


Present Dr. Sernas Alive!


Comrade Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, a revolutionary lawyer and law professor in Oaxaca, Mexico was disappeared in San Agustín de las Juntas on May 10 of this year — he is one of the many revolutionaries and servants of the people disappeared by the reactionary Mexican state.

The U.S. Red Guards join the Communist and progressive organizations of the world in condemning his disappearance and in demanding the presentation of Dr Sernas alive to the masses, poor peasants, and workers of Mexico and the world.

 At the time of his disappearance, Dr. Sernas—a professor of constitutional law at Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca—was in the midst of defending twenty-three Maoist militants of Corriente de Pueblo Sol Rojo, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist organization which is active in the heartland of Oaxaca. The militants were arbitrarily detained on charges of terrorism and carrying explosives back in 2015, and although they are not currently in state custody the revolutionaries are still facing serious charges that, if prosecution is successful, carry a heavy sentence in the state’s dungeons. The reactionary state power in Mexico is wielding the corrupt judicial system in an attempt to intimidate and destroy the revolutionary movement in Oaxaca; however, Dr. Sernas was set to present evidence in court demonstrating irregularities in the legal process and human rights violations against the twenty-three defendants.

 As the Mexican state has demonstrated time and time again, when they cannot use the corrupt police force and courts to “legally” neutralize revolutionaries, the decaying old-state resorts to extralegal means: using reactionary paramilitary organizations aligned with the big bourgeoisie and landowners to murder and disappear enemies of the state. Dr. Sernas’ disappearance is one of many cases of state-sanctioned violence against revolutionaries and progressive activists carried out by these paramilitary forces; since May 10 Comrades Abraham Hernández González and Rolando Crispín López have been murdered by similar organizations acting as the unofficial and hidden foot-soldiers of the ruling class in Oaxaca.

Dr. Sernas serves as a shining example for revolutionary and progressive intellectuals around the world, serving the people’s movement by courageously defending political prisoners, risking his reputation and physical safety along the way to expose the crimes of the reactionary state power in Mexico. To date he has demonstrated the manufacturing of incriminating evidence, violation of due process and other constitutional guarantees, as well as hiding possibly exonerating evidence — all perpetrated by the state. He has laid bare the corrupt nature of the Mexican judiciary and unmasked their role as a tool for class domination and counter-insurgency. Our hearts are with our comrades in Oaxaca and the rest of Mexico. The example of Dr. Ernesto Sernas Garcia only serves to strengthen our revolutionary spirit and indomitable will to destroy the imperialist monster known as the US government.

Who are the revolutionaries in Oaxaca?

 Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist, organization based in Oaxaca which has come into violent contradiction with both the official forces of the reactionary Mexican state and its unofficial paramilitary arms.

 Sol Rojo stands with the International Communist Movement in upholding the legacy and contributions of Chairman Gonzalo and the experience of the Peruvian People’s War in which Marxism was crystallized into a third and higher scientific stage. This year, Sol Rojo united with revolutionary organizations around the world in denouncing decisively the “electoral farce”, promoting the voting boycott with the slogan, “Don’t vote — organize and fight!”

 Building strong ties among the poor campesinos, the workers, and the students and the teachers of Oaxaca, Sol Rojo places in the hands of the Mexican masses the tested and unbreakable weapon of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, a spearpoint which pierces directly to the conquest of power, New Democracy and the transition to socialism, continuing the revolution with cultural revolution onward to communism.

Solidarity North of the Rio Grande

The repression faced by Dr. Sernas and the militants of Sol Rojo whom he was defending is deeply familiar to all servants of the people who attack with not only words the brutal edifice of Capitalism-Imperialism, and the U.S. Maoist Movement is certainly no exception.

In November of 2016, Comrade Dallas, a committed Maoist and supporter of the US MLM movement survived an attempt on his life by the Texas Department of Public Safety which left him with a broken neck; two years later, having failed to liquidate the activity of Comrade Dallas, the State has struck him with a series of trumped up charges which carry significant prison time. The campaign to free Comrade Dallas has reached all the way around the world, with solidarity actions in Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, and Brazil (among others).

 The respective crises of imperialist capitalism and bureaucratic capitalism simultaneously give rise to the super-intensified role of reactionary paramilitary forces in carrying out whatever deeds the formal State is either unwilling or too weak to perform — a phenomenon well-known to the peoples of Latin America. In all cases, the paramilitaries coordinate with the State through a combination of official and unofficial channels, relying for instance on the police for protection against Communist militants, and transportation to and from confrontations.

The brutality of disappearances and of the prisons which we call annihilation zones cannot be overstated. Wherever the people rebel the state and its lackeys viciously attempt to crush this rebellion, through counterinsurgency methods ranging from NGO intervention to assassination, torture, and genocide. But the stones they throw will fall at their own feet; the blood they spill will water the earth and new militants will rise as they must do, and as they do.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Principally Maoism is the ideology of the proletariat and it burns bright, a rising sun and—as the Peruvian comrades say—one cannot hide the sun with one’s thumb. Even when trapped within the old state’s dungeons, revolutionaries work to support the struggle outside as well as to develop revolutionary culture within. The prisons are another trench of combat in the class struggle; we are duty-bound to turn prisons into shining trenches, lit up by the people’s sun. We say: Turn the prisons from annihilation zones into shining trenches of combat!

Thus, we must cherish and support our militants and servants of the people. This is precisely what revolutionary lawyers like Dr. Sernas do — they cherish and support the people caught in the bloody jaws of reaction. In doing so, Dr. Sernas and the people like him risk everything in supporting the cause of the people – including their careers, and their lives. As Dr. Sernas cherished and supported the arrested militants of Oaxaca, so too must all the proletarians and peoples of the world cherish and support him.  

In the midst of the Earth-shaking People’s War in Peru, where the masses fought and died for a new world free of landlords and capitalists, free of the immiseration and brutality against the indigenous peoples and laboring people, the Association of Democratic Lawyers rose up to defend the heroic fighters, to snatch them from the jaws of reaction. The democratic lawyers risked death at the hands of the state and their death squads, but they persisted and saved the lives of many servants of the people. Dr. Sernas stands in line with this tradition.

As such it is no surprise that the progressive and democratic peoples of the world stand firmly with him — and demand in unison to the vile agents of the Mexican state: Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

We call on all progressive formations around the world to join in the International Campaign to Present Dr. Sernas Alive with actions against the reactionary Mexican state, and to popularize among the masses the cause of the forced disappearances of activists and democratic fighters.

Long live the defenders and servants of the people!

Long live international solidarity!

Present Dr. Sernas Alive!

¡Dr Sernas presentación con vida!

-Red Guards Austin
-Red Guards Los Angeles
-Red Guards Kansas City
-Red Guards Charlotte
-Red Guards Pittsburgh

DSA are capitalist pigs!



Here are a few critical comments about the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to remedy any remaining confusion.

For starters DSA Austin was responsible for harboring Danny Fetonte, who carried out years of work protecting racist cops in Austin through his involvement with the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT). For anyone who is not aware: while Fetonte was in charge of Austin DSA, his other organization, CLEAT, was instrumental in defending and protecting Austin Police Department detective Charles Kleinert, who was absolved of the racist murder of Larry Jackson Jr. The struggle for justice for Larry Jackson was a focal point for the Austin left, including our organization, and an energetic campaign was led in his name, which included marches of over a thousand people and the shutdown of many streets. Austin DSA was well aware of Fetonte and his anti-people organizing—it simply did not contradict with their values at the time, because they are opportunists. Only following their more recent rapid expansion have many voices of dissent arisen, creating a public relations nightmare that forced DSA leadership to quietly distance themselves from Fetonte. Make no mistake: this is a maneuver to save face and recruit and retain dues-paying members, so they can keep shilling for the Democrats. Fetonte still has plenty of support from the top rungs of the local DSA chapter; in fact, they are the same individuals who helped get him elected to the countrywide body, bringing the scandal into public view.

While Fetonte is the most public case of Austin DSA lacking scruples and having sketchy political candidates, it does not stop there. One of their city council candidates, Lewis Conway Jr., is a known domestic abuser with at least one restraining order out against him, a fact Austin DSA are aware of but have consciously chosen to do nothing about. They instead parade around his current girlfriend, who helps to sanitize his recent past of abuse allegations and restraining orders. When directly questioned about it, Conway himself only squirms around the charges and never addresses the situation head on. DSA are happy to be his foot soldiers, tirelessly canvassing for him and putting in untold hours to get another abusive man elected into another position of power. This is business as usual for capitalists. Our organization stands firmly against domestic abuse and other forms of anti-people violence. While DSA promote pacifism toward class enemies and oppose self-defense against fascists and reactionaries, they wholesale endorse the anti-people violence of people like Fetonte and Conway and by extension the anti-people violence of this inhuman system. They tolerate the violence of the State, while calling those who fight back with self-defense “extremists.”

We can take up another practical example of their corrupt, opportunist, and anti-people nature by looking outside of Austin. After the white-supremacist and fascist attack that claimed the life of the martyr Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, which seriously injured 19 other people, DSA, true only to their opportunism, took it upon themselves to raise almost $200,000 that they claimed would be for the victims. They used this fundraising to try to prove themselves a committed organization—only problem is, when the actual victims tried to collect, they were systematically shut down by a DSA wall of red tape. No one but DSA benefited from the money raised. Knowing full well the negative relationship between antifascist protestors and the police, DSA used this contradiction to their advantage (and to the advantage of the police) by insisting to survivors that they provide a police report to prove they were injured. Any genuine people’s organization that has a presence among the masses could confirm which comrades were injured that day; in fact, much of the bourgeois media was able to confirm this independently of forcing activists to go to the police! DSA in their greed knew that this would block the survivors from receiving the money raised for them, and the con worked. The masses were swindled out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the survivors were left at the mercy of poverty or the police, the forms of violence the DSA are fine with supporting.

The police in Charlottesville were always on the side of the right and the fascists; the police encouraged the right-wing violence and allowed it to escalate. No antifascist protestor that day should be expected to turn to a fascist-sympathetic police department in order to qualify to receive funds. So DSA made hundreds of thousands, and the comrades were left in debt and at the mercy of unaffordable healthcare.

These instances are not flukes or deviations from the principles of DSA; they are the only logical expression of DSA opportunism, electioneering, profiteering, and careerism. DSA, like every other bourgeois organization, does not care about the people, and consequently stands opposed to revolution. What makes them particularly dangerous, and why we especially revile them, is that they carry out this anti-people activity in the name of “socialism,” albeit a mutated conception of it, which they signify by adding the caveat “democratic” to the front of. As the masses become more and more fed up with capitalist exploitation and white-supremacist oppression, they begin to look for new ideas to get out of it. DSA capitalizes on this too by branding themselves as socialists, so they can trick the masses back into the capitalist rat maze, back into the institutions that oppress us, back into the hopeless dead end of electoral politics.

So what attracts new people to the DSA? On one hand, a genuine desire for change and an awareness of the moral bankruptcy of both major political parties. This is a positive impulse among many who could become genuine revolutionaries. On the other hand, there is the negative aspect, which we must struggle against, expose, and overcome: deep down, many who join the DSA, while wanting progressive change, are truly cynical about revolution and act in total lack of faith in the revolutionary masses. They simply do not believe that the masses make history, that the masses are the real heroes, and instead they believe that history is made through ballot boxes and inside of bourgeois institutions. They believe that the masses support change only when bribed, and that there is no way to mobilize them in armed struggle to achieve it. Maoists, contrary to this cynical, pessimistic, and negative worldview, know well that the masses clamor for revolution, that this must be organized into a tempest led by the Communist Party. That we must reconstitute this Party through direct confrontation with class enemies. This includes confronting the DSA and preventing them from sapping the energy of the masses and diverting their revolutionary potential in the interest of counterinsurgency.

So what of “left unity”? If left unity means uniting with capitalists and class traitors and collaborating with them, we are against it. If it means forging unity through struggle with anyone who can be united with in the interests of our class, we are for it. The latter must be expressed through class struggle and not class collaboration. Principled unity is earned by standing shoulder to shoulder with the masses against distorters of socialism, profiteers, and scam artists. In short it means opposing and eventually defeating the DSA and all other bourgeois parties. This is both a practical struggle and an ideological one. A lack of understanding of Marxist theory is what the DSA are banking on to find and exploit more victims.

The DSA outright condemns theoretical study. They shun theory and pretend it is too complex, not only because they view the masses as ignorant, but also because deep down they fear what will happen to people like them when the masses grasp and apply revolutionary theory, which today means grasping, upholding, and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism. We know full well that the masses are not so averse to theoretical study and ideological struggle. While the DSA squirms, we will continue bringing real Marxism to the masses. Militants placing pigs heads outside of DSA events is but an act of protest, exposing them for the pigs they are and treating them as such. To play victim after their track record of anti-people activity is just in their nature. The contradiction between revolutionaries and the DSA is the contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. It is an antagonistic contradiction, and we will not mistake it for anything less. Pigs’ heads are expressed politics. We exist to undertake politics by other means against the bourgeoisie of this country.

Democratic Socialists of America are capitalist pigs in collusion with US imperialism!

Boycott the electoral farce!

Elections, no! Revolution, yes!!

Red Guards Austin, 2018

Action against US Imperialist Election

An action was taken on behalf of the boycott of the bourgeois elections. Militants placed severed pigs heads and placards protesting the elections at polling places and campaign offices in and around  Austin. We received the following photographs.

imperialist pig beto

severed pig head outside of imperialist Robert Francis O’Rourke’s campaign office, the note appears to be written in blood


imperialist pig3

Sign reads, Cruz and O’Rourke are imperialist pigs. Elections, no! Revolution, yes! 

If you have photos of actions taken against the bourgeois elections email them to

Death to US imperialism! 
Boycott the bourgeois elections! 
Elections no! Revolution yes!

-Red Guards  Austin, 2018