Boycott the Electoral Farce!

As the bourgeois electoral farce looms near, we have received the following images. The election boycott has reached every major Texas city as well as other cities across the US. In Austin, it is impossible to travel far without seeing slogans in support of the boycott. As the corporate bourgeois media and corporations like Google and  Facebook shame the masses into voting, revolutionaries insist that what they want us to do is not in our best interests. The ruling class is desperate to legitimize itself by begging people to vote. The vast majority of those in the US and especially the proletariat have already committed to boycotting the elections.

While revisionists are happy to serve the ruling class by dragging the masses backward into electoral politics, all true revolutionaries make their position clear: we must reconstitute the Communist Party, initiate and develop People’s  War,  and continue the socialist revolution until communism!

Below  images from Austin, Houston, and Dallas




beto 1

cruz 1



Elections no!
Revolution yes!