Antifascist Victory, Case Dismissed!



On December 9th of 2017, four antifascists were arrested confronting the reactionary organization Hiwaymen. Two of these comrades received serious, first-degree felony charges for allegedly assaulting DPS state troopers with axe and sledgehammer handles attached to red flags.  These charges carry decades in the enemy’s prison. We are happy to announce that the comrade with the most serious charges has had the case dismissed. The storm troopers of the ruling class lost another battle against Communists.  No matter how many of us they arrest or set up we will always produce more Communist fighters, and we cannot be stopped.

This victory was won through fighting, by refusing to settle for business as usual, refusing to settle on unjust plea bargains offered by the desperate State.  We wish to be clear: we do not consider using revolutionary violence against fascists as anything but a service to the people, and we do not consider using self-defense against the reactionary police who regularly make violent attacks on us to be a crime.  The reactionary, decaying old State are the only people backward enough to consider these acts criminal, so they make up charges knowing full well they cannot convict.  In these battles we consider it correct to rebel against reactionaries, to fight back and resist their attempts to apprehend us. We applaud the courage of the political prisoners who took charges while serving the people, and we celebrate this victory.

We wish to extend special thanks to all those who held fundraisers, especially our comrades in Los Angeles. Comrade Dallas who donated some of the money raised for him to the victorious defendant so that legal representation could be procured.  We thank and applaud every individual supporter who donated online to the defense of these comrades.  Behind every blow we strike there is an army of supporters who are not on the front line who do the crucial work of prisoner support, raising bail money, and securing defense. This work is just as important and honorable as physically confronting fascism and the police in the streets. We will continue doing our modest work and we will be successful with the continued support we overwhelmingly receive. Communists fear nothing; jail or even death will not impede the march of our class.

The fight is not yet over; one of the arrested comrades still has serious charges yet to be dismissed. These charges lack evidence and we are confident in a favorable outcome. For our supporters and those reading this: we encourage you to get involved in genuine red antifascism, to reject the bourgeois leadership of revisionists. Maoism leads in antifascism; this has been proven in practice with demonstrable results.  Do not allow fearmongering promoted by liberals to discourage the use of revolutionary violence.  Do not allow the incorrect “leadership” of revisionists to liquidate combative action in our city.

Drown fascism in a sea of resistance!
Dare to struggle, dare to win!
Todos somos antifascistas!

-Red Guards Austin, 2018