International Solidarity on the Election Boycotts


Election Boycott Poster  in Austin, Texas

To celebrate our boycott of the 2018 bourgeois elections we wish to highlight some election boycotts taking place in other countries. We express our utmost solidarity with these struggles as internationalists. We seek to expose the imperialist nature of the US elections, US imperialism is the world’s main aggressor as the sole hegemonic imperialist power today. While it is experiencing deeper and more profound crisis its desperation to legitimize itself among its own people has never been more evident.

We extend our international solidarity to the youth of Brazil, we have included two unofficial translations of articles detailing their election boycott which is taking place right now. We also wish to extend revolutionary greetings and support to our comrades in Canada of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR-RCP.CA) who will be mobilizing the people for a combative demonstration against their own imperialist bourgeois elections on the streets of Montreal on October 1st.

The website, which has produced evidence of solidarity with Comrade Dallas, has released two excellent articles which expose the nature of bourgeois elections. From the Favelas, the countryside, and the Universities, the voice of the Brazilian youth ring out in rebellion against the crimes of imperialism and the ruling class elections.

Long live the election boycotts!

Long live international solidarity!

Death to imperialism, reaction, and revisionism!


Down the Election Farce! Do not vote, FIGHT!


Elections no! Long live New Democratic Revolution! 

To the students and the youth of Brazil!

Companions and companions,

The 2018 elections will be the most fraudulent in the history of our country. On the other hand, this will be the year that the boycott of the elections will reach record numbers, being able to surpass more than 50% of the electorate of our country. The boycott of the elections expresses the spontaneous rejection of our people to this false democracy, to this rotten and corrupt political system, which every two years forces the Brazilians to vote. If the vote changed something for the better in this system, it would not be mandatory. We are obliged to vote to legitimize this secular system of exploitation and oppression and its old genocidal and rotten state to the core; give us the false right to choose who in the next four years will preside over repression and attacks on the interests of the people and the Brazilian nation.

But the Brazilian people have put an end to this rot. In the last decade, of election in election, the abstentions, the null and white votes grew. This is the most conscious participation in the electoral farce and that in recent years has ceased to be an individual revolt or an isolated protest before the polls to become a powerful mass movement of denial and rejection of the reactionary policy of this bourgeois-latifundia state, servant of imperialism. This uprising in recent years has exploded in great waves of popular rebellion, such as the workers ‘uprisings in the great works of the PAC in 2011, the gigantic demonstrations of youth combatants in 2013, and the spectacular truckers’ strike in 2018. Youth more than ever before, realize that only a Great Revolution can take our country out of misery and ruin!

And if in Brazil, elections have always been a democratic farce, where only the owners of power, that is, the great bankers, big bourgeois and landowners bless, this year the electoral farce is even more fraudulent. The arbitrary arrest of former President Luís Inácio and the illegal cassation of his candidacy reveal once again that in Brazil we never live in the so-called “democratic state of law.” Laws are valid according to the interests of the ruling classes. And that is why the same Luís Inácio, who in 2002 and 2006 was promoted by the interests of the international financial capital, the big bourgeoisie and the landowners to apply their economic policy and demobilize the masses with the conciliation of classes, compacting with a lie that serves only to give a democratic veneer to a dying state;

And it is this judiciary that defines who can and who cannot be candidate, the same that has carried out an endless series of attacks on the rights of our people. In August, the STF legalized the outsourcing of the end activity, this means that a private school can outsource the hiring of teachers! The bosses thus have no responsibility for the labor rights of their outsourced teachers. It was also the judiciary that authorized the Army to crack down on the just truckers’ strike and approved last week’s increase in its own wages!

We cannot trust any of those rotten powers! We must fight them all! Let us remember that the Law against Terrorism was a proposal of the manager Dilma Roussef, approved by the corrupt National Congress and that already is being applied by the judiciary against the popular fight. This is what is already being heard in the lawsuit against the 23 activists in Rio de Janeiro. This old state and its three powers want to turn every popular movement into a “criminal organization” and every manifestation of workers, peasants or students in acts of “terrorism.”

Candidates who stand for election are all flour from the same bag! They all swear to comply with the reactionary laws of the old state, and what they are disputing, in fact, is who will assume the function of managing the systemic crisis that affects our country, as part of the international crisis of the capitalist system.

Jair Bolsonaro says he is a nationalist, but has been a congressman for more than twenty years and has never defended Brazil’s interests. Bolsonaro is just another US bootleg patriot, has said he would sell Petrobras to the Yankees and is in favor of handing the Alcântara Military Base to the Americans, who want to take control of part of the national territory as part of its dominion on the continent. Fernando Haddad (PT) was the mayor of São Paulo in 2013, and what did he do at that time? Allied to the then governor Geraldo Alckmin, PSDB, to command the repression against the combatant youth. It was in Sao Paulo that the major demonstrations began that year, and we will never forget that Haddad not only favored the increase of the passages, but also publicly defended the repression. Ciro Gomes (PDT) is a member of one of the most powerful families in Ceará. In his youth he was a member of the party of the military regime (the former Arena), a minister of FHC and Lula. His speech is all aimed at the interests of the latifundio and the national proposals are only to appear left. Marina (Network) and Alckmin (PSDB), merge the liberal privatization speech with electoral demagogues such as family purse and gas purse. They are all: flour of the same bag!

Boulos (PSOL) and Vera Lúcia (PSTU) talk about popular struggle and rebellion, but when the youth survey of 2013 broke out, what did they do? They attacked the combativeness of the masses and sabotaged important demonstrations. We cannot forget that on the eve of the opening of the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Boulos, then at the MTST, and the São Paulo Subway Workers’ Union, then run by the PSTU, promised a major demonstration to prevent the game from taking place. The fighting youth of São Paulo appeared in weight; already Boulos, after a phone call of Dilma canceled the manifestation, exactly what also did the PSTU. Therefore, these do not represent the position of the left, they represent the sowers of illusion, who spread among the masses that through election and legalism some transformation of our country will be possible.

The true left, the really popular forces, know that no popular interest will be won by the electoral route. Only the struggle can guarantee us our rights, only an Unbroken Democratic Revolution to Socialism can truly transform Brazil. Neither these elections nor any of these candidates will defend anything for the people! On the other hand, the military who try to present themselves as the moral salvation for the country, quite the opposite, are the ones most responsible for the situation reached. The high command of the Armed Forces, especially of the army, is the great representative of imperialism in Brazil, these milicos are the greatest defenders of the latifúndio, of the great bourgeoisie and of the American empire. The military intervention in Rio de Janeiro is another demonstration of what they really serve, very blablablá on country, but in the hour that they act is to oppress the town and to assassinate poor people. Since its inception, the Brazilian Army has been brave to face the unarmed people and a cowardly and ferocious massacre of its own people to defend the rich in the name of the order imposed by imperialism. So it was in the war of Paraguay, at the behest of England; so it was in Canudos, at the behest of the landowners of the Northeast; and also in Contestado (boundary between Paraná and Santa Catarina) in 1912; thus it was against the rebel Movimiento Tenentista in 1922 and 1924, against the Column Prestes 1924-1926, against ANL-National Liberating Alliance in 1935; so it was in 1964, always at the behest of Yankee imperialism; and so it was in Araguaia, to cite the most expressive cases. The only progressive action that was involved was to enter World War II on the side of the Allies, yet as an Expeditionary Force under popular pressure and under the command of the US military. Military intervention is already underway in our country and will not solve any of our problems, on the contrary, it will aggravate all of them.

We Brazilians, the true democrats and patriots, must defend and support the realization of a Great Revolution in our country. Only through the revolutionary way will the peasants have land, the workers will have work and decent wages, only through the revolution will we have a scientific and democratic education at the service of the masses of our country. Only with a revolution can we expel the imperialists, especially the Yankees, who infiltrate Brazil and steal our mineral wealth and devastate our forests to plant soybeans for export. It is only with the revolution that we will be able to do real cleansing against all this rottenness in politics and put an end to violence against the people and an end to delinquency.

We urgently need this Revolution! A revolution that gives us a New State, a revolutionary people’s state that gives the people everything, everything they need. We need a proletarian state, without any privileges, to allocate all public resources for the progress of the people and the nation. A state free of such corrupt powers as there are, of mafia officers, corrupt deputies, and reactionary judges. We need a state that finances food production, which drives industrialization, which guarantees labor and wages for our people. And this, comrades and companions, is only possible for the Revolution.

And revolution is not an impossible task or a distant future! The secular struggle of the peasants for the land, of the workers for wages and rights, of the students by free public education, finally of the whole people for their liberation and of the nation of imperialist clutches, especially as more recent the revolts of 2011, 2013 and the strike of the truckers of 2018 point the way in which the Brazilian people are uniting around this revolutionary goal! Revolutions like these have already happened in other countries such as the Great October Socialist Revolution and the Great New Democracy Revolution in China. In these processes the bourgeoisie has restored its power and in these countries the insurgency of new revolutions is still necessary today. But these processes teach us: it is possible to change! It is urgent and necessary to transform,

You student, young without school, young unemployed! Come, join our movements and let’s make history together! Let’s change our country once and for all! Let’s defeat these powers, these military forces and all that is reactionary! Enter MEPR and UV-LJR! The people will win, no matter what! And the Brazilian youth will be more than ever: “The shock troops of the Revolution!”


brazil boycott2



Election is farce! Do not vote, fight! 
Organizing the people for the Revolution

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Red  Youth of Brazil! 

It is already unbearable the situation of oppression and exploitation in which the people live, amid serious attacks on rights won with much struggle, sweat and blood of the masses of workers. Particularly we youths, clustered in the peripheries of the great metropolitan regions, are subject to the genocide promoted by the repressive apparatus of the police forces of the old state, we suffer all kinds of police abuse and racism, while we have no right to study, to get around and have fun.

Against all this, our youth has risen. Especially since 2013, in which the youth combatants of the cities have placed themselves on the frontlines of the most radicalized protests, in the struggles for transportation, education and against all the dearth of life. Also in the countryside, where the young peasants stand in the front line in the struggle for land, for the destruction of the latifundia through the Agrarian Revolution, democratizing the ownership of the land, distributing it to the poor peasants without land or with little land, as a part of the new-democratic revolution.

And to prevent this uprising, the old state is preparing a counterrevolutionary military coup, whose first step was the military intervention in Rio de Janeiro, which promotes genocide and extermination in slums and poor neighborhoods. In other metropolis of the country, the police also increase the genocide of the poor and black people, especially the youth.

Elections are a scam! 

Every two years we are offered farce elections, whose sole purpose is to refer and legitimize this old order of exploitation and oppression, and worse still, blame the left and right on the people for all the ills and disasters that come of this rotten system, under the excuse that “they do not know how to vote”. But vote for who, pale face? And for what?

After all, who are the candidates who present us every two years, if not the most shameless representation of great bourgeois, landowners and imperialism? The same political oligarchies, the same groups for centuries. And what are your plans for government, but what, in the last instance, to apply the booklet of imperialism, under different colorations and mystifications? Now with demagogic speech supposedly of ‘left’, now with proto-fascist discourse! All the acronyms of the Single Party of the big bourgeoisie and the latifundio are right wing and all of them have already managed the old state at federal, state and municipal levels and what has changed? Bolsonaro, a delirious proto-fascist, ‘nationalist’ half-bowl and American bootlegger, Haddad a post of the opportunist mor Luiz Inácio, Ciro a truculent and fascist social colonel, Alckmin a lunch thief, Marina an eco-opportunist and eco-employee of Yankee bankers and NGOs … they are all flour of the same bag! For all of them, without a single exception (which would serve only to prove the rule), are committed to maintaining the state as it is: A poor grinding machine in the hands of the great bourgeois and landowners! All a soup of letters that shelter all surrenderers, sells homelands, servants of Yankee imperialism, great bourgeois and landowners.

What Brazil needs, in fact, is a Great Revolution! And for this, it is necessary not to deceive ourselves with the electoral farce, but rather to raise our awareness and political action, through the revolutionary organization, to fight against this rotten system of oppression and exploitation and to build a great destiny in which the people can decide their own future.

This is what the Red Unit – Revolutionary Youth League proposes. Boycott the elections to denounce it as a farce, but not only. Mainly, to organize the youth combatant for the Revolution, politicizing it and propagandizing the agrarian, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist Revolution as part of the revolution of new democracy and in an uninterrupted way the socialist revolution towards the luminous future of humanity, which is the communism.

Youth is the dawn of the new world and the future belongs to us! Therefore, we declare:

Do not vote, fight! 
Long live the fighting youth! 
Neither election nor military intervention! Revolution! 
Election is farce, does not change anything, no! Organize the people for the Revolution!


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