Celebration and Confrontation

A report from recent rebellious acts in Austin Texas 

March led by Defend Our Hoodz  

The heart of every colonized person burns with a single need: liberation. This reality contains a secondary but  equally intense aspect—revenge. As we watch the barrios overrun with economically stable, white creative-types and out-of-touch businesses, art galleries, and high end eateries, we feel the coldness inside of our neighborhoods, the degradation of culture as it is stolen and then marketed by-and-for the inheritors of colonialism. The people become disoriented, momentarily stifled, and recessed. This is only one small part of a larger struggle and just under the surface a rebellion germinates and as the people feel it, we wake up. The role of the communist in these struggles is first to support and then to guide the masses. Our position must lack compromise with the enemy if we are ever going to embody the ambitions of the people. On two sides of our stolen city this weekend we saw acts of rebellion play out in brutal sequence.

Ice out! fuck Trump! 

Months back the right-wing fascists and their support base mobilized to protect a racist cat café owner from the anger of the community and revolutionary organizations. They threatened organizers and spread slander and racism, evoking the terrors of Nazi Germany.  This is not an exaggeration or a turn of phrase—literally they promised pogroms for Mexican American and Chicano people.  Emboldened by Trump, those who have exchanged their Klan robes for dockers shorts and pastel polos have maliciously pursued antifascists and local activists. The brave comrades of Defend Our Hoodz do not give into such threats and do not scare easy. For them as well as for us, the realty of the fascist threat sits over us daily. This is nothing new, especially for the colonized people who have suffered since the day this prison house was founded on their land and who have lived under a nascent terrorist dictatorship since the first white man landed on these shores.  The pain and anger of the people are the complementary opposites of the joy of rebellion and the songs of the people unleashed from speakers in the trunk of lowered cars.

On Saturday (2-11-17) afternoon the people of East Austin gathered for an unpermitted march against gentrification to mark the two-year anniversary of the racist demolition of the Jumpolin piñata shop—a community treasure which was torn down in the early morning to make way for a cat café. This march was high energy and many people came together—the vast majority dawned red face masks to show their commitment to a future where social well-being becomes the measure and purpose of human production. The leaders inspired the crowd with honest slogans that did not mince words or beg those in power. As the march went through community streets it took on a celebratory air, people joined in from their houses or showed support through opened doors. On the other hand, when the march proceeded past the condos and avant-garde housing of the hipsters and yuppies, celebration had room for confrontation and indignation. When we speak of gentrification we speak of violence, removal, and eradication, so we must never let this injustice lose its face. That face is the grinning, dumbfounded, and usually white gawkers who in their privilege feel safe mocking the people. Their vacant grins break into fear as the people begin in small ways show these scum their true power.

Pig attacks protester 

The march continued past housing projects where the most militant masses showed support or joined in the activity to stop briefly at Martin Middle School, a local school which is underfunded and under direct threat of demolition. The confrontation-celebration escalated to the front doors of Blue Cat Café, where Neo-Nazi financed owner Rebecca Gray collaborates with Christopher Kinlaw (Austin’s most wanted arson fugitive in 2015!) and racist developers F&F Ventures.   Reactionary camera men from Infowars were already stationed at Blue Cat hoping to doxx activists and organizers.  These soulless creatures writhed in anger when comrades called to attention the farcical claim that there is anything supreme at all about their whiteness, that their “master race” amounts to a whole lot of garbage.  The Cat Café was not protected by these white knights or their pig friends, from wall to wall the peoples voices rang out, trash cans were overturned, and the décor was converted to match the reality of the establishment—filth, trash, and loss. Blue Cat got off easy though and we are committed to the kind of future where it and every establishment like it is eradicated and replaced with venues that actually serve the people.

Officer down! 

The march continued up the street when the pigs began to itch for some state-sanctioned violence. They attempted to pick people out of the crowd like vultures in waiting. The crowd was alerted to this activity and quickly consolidated. Frustrated by this act of solidarity, the pigs rode mountain bikes full speed into the crowd of demonstrators, hitting anyone in their path (including those with disabilities). This is the behavior not of a human being but a shameless pig. We know full well from past confrontations that these same pigs will hit you maliciously and then charge you with assault if they so much as stub a toe. The pigs used the bicycles to split the crowd at the same moment they rushed in on foot, swinging batons and spraying pepper spray into the crowd. This whole maneuver was an effort to isolate a black woman organizer who is cherished by the movement. The people themselves, with the support of revolutionaries, began to fight back and found themselves in direct and physical contradiction with the pigs. During this assault the pigs shot pepper pellets into the faces of unarmed pre-teen youth. They responded with brave confrontations, fought back, and escaped the clutches of the pig. These young men are our heroes and they will be the inheritors of the revolution. Our medics responded immediately and treated half a dozen or more people, offering relief from the wounds inflicted by the police. The revolutionaries and the people fought but were unable to save our comrade from the clutches of the pigs.

It is never ok to talk to the pigs. We see you 

There are those in our movement who take a centrist or rightist position and become opportunists in their attempt to stride the line between radical and liberal methods of organization. It was one such centrists who attempted, at this moment, to split the march and abandon the confrontation with the pigs, continuing on business as she regurgitated pig lies to the crowd which only further criminalized our comrade. To criminalize a black woman comrade who has been targeted by the pigs is nothing short of racism that encourages state violence and repression to snuff out black leaders.  This will not be tolerated. The revolutionaries and students wasted no time rushing to block the street from the pig paddy wagon which contained our comrade. They faced off the pigs with sticks and attempted to block the vehicle from passing through; this would have been successful had it not been for the splitting efforts of the centrist organizer. The numbers were too small to prevent the paddy wagon from leaving, but to asses our successes and failures we must keep in mind that anything which strengthens the fighting spirit of the people is in one aspect a success. There was fear in the eyes of police as our fighters squared up with theirs and comrades pounded furiously on the side of the vehicle. Our comrade inside could hear our cries and know that she is not alone.

Rebels Block Pig wagon

As the fragmented march consolidated again to proceed, the pigs tried to target another comrade who was immediately surrounded by the people forming a human wall which the cops could not break through. The centrist cried out to allow this comrade to fall into the clutches of the pigs but rebels have no faith in liberalism and refused the order. No more arrests were made and the pig’s efforts were thwarted. All things are about power and the pigs will exercise every bit of their power to protect gentrification and white supremacy unless they are forced back by the power of the people. This holds true on both the large scale and the small scale, whether we are protecting a targeted comrade or taking state power, it is the masses and not the pigs that will make history.  The APD took off their liberal, tolerant mask and showed the fangs of old-fashioned southern white racism that day.

Rundberg and Lamar 

As the sun fell on the East Side and the confrontation-celebration mobilized at the jail to support our kidnapped comrade, the masses of North Austin in the East Rundberg neighborhood erupted in a second night of militant demonstrations, with Maoists and members of revolutionary mass organizations among them.  The liberal and legal-left is always in the dust of the masses; while careerist sellouts like One Resistance hide behind the idea that rebellion places the undocumented at risk, it is the undocumented masses themselves who are the most willing to fight back. The first night of demonstrations was sparked by a small number of protesters assembled at the intersection of Rundberg and Lamar, and from there it snowballed organically into one of the larger and more militant actions the city has seen in many years. This was all in response to a couple being targeted by ICE and APD in a very public location earlier in the day the day before. The protests continued into the second night. Unlike the travesty that One Resistance fluffs up and calls protest, the masses wasted no time in illegally shutting down streets and making noise, people took to the roofs of cars and blasted music from speakers. The police eventually moved in to drive the crowd onto a sidewalk which was far too small to contain them. The pigs then drove cars straight for the crowd of people to force them back, confronting them with riot cops armed with shotguns. Against the pig’s cars, a line of people’s cars took to the front and blocked off the police. Water bottles and flaming trash were lobbed at the riot police and the people refused to back down or budge another inch. This goes to show that with repression comes resistance and that there is not greater force than the masses. Our small organizations are targeted and beaten while liberals use false concern to manipulate and distort the situation and the people themselves confront, confront, and confront.


At the writing of this report our comrade remains in the dungeons of the pig state [UPDATE: she has been released now, but is still facing charges] and she is in urgent need of support. The arrest was made specifically to target her on trumped up charges in order to isolate her from the movement. During this isolation she received a visit from FBI agents who attempted to question her without her attorney being present. The pigs on the local and federal level should know well by now that true revolutionaries don’t talk to pigs and we never will. This whole arrest was most likely a ploy to be able to conduct this vile method of questioning.  At the same time comrades in Serve The People-Austin were harassed by a uniformed pig during their weekly free grocery and food distribution.  We ask for your support for the Austin revolutionary left now more than ever, we need the enemy to know that when they attempt to snuff out one prairie fire others will rise up in other cities. We also are in dire needs of material support in the form of donations so that we can continue providing legal defense and on the ground support for the peoples’ struggles and our captured comrades.  The state and local police will continue to target organizers, revolutionaries, and servants of the people in order to isolate them and prevent them from their work. This must not go down without a struggle and we intend to struggle to the best of our ability, with the masses we are invincible and will only grow and we are stronger with your support behind us. The days of this system are numbered and communists must fulfill their goal of building the revolutionary party, the people’s army, and the united front.

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-Red Guards Austin February 13th 2017

URGENT: Arrest in Austin, support needed quickly


Tonight a very important leader of the movement in Austin has been targeted by the pigs and framed on felony charges. This is the second time since November that the pigs have charged a local organizer with assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony. These charges are false but carry serious prison time. In the era of Trump and rising fascist populism a black woman has been singled out and targeted by the pigs. The people and revolutionaries rushed to her defense and took the brunt of batons and pepper spray and were run over with bicycles all at the hands of the pigs. While one of us sits in the dungeons of the racist oppressor none of us feel free. It is our goal to raise hell and fight tirelessly for this comrade. She is a longtime revolutionary organizer and fighter for the people, a dedicated antifascist who has fiercely defended and stood by all of Austin’s radical left. Those of us who have had the pleasure to serve alongside her have only one driving thought: FREE OUR COMRADE. Revolutionaries converged on the jail to demand her release and have launched a fundraiser to go toward organizing for her defense.

Since the Austin Police Department has entered the Trump era, their low-intensity warfare strategy has been abandoned and they have used increased levels of violence on revolutionaries and the masses of people. Youth from the projects came out bravely in her defense and fought the pigs but were not able to liberate her from the enemy. Now your help is needed. We call all supporters and all comrades to please give to this cause. Please know that while we intend to write a summation and analysis of today’s anti-gentrification march and ongoing anti-ICE resistance, for now, time is of the essence, and we must not let her sit in the clutches of the enemy. While we and other revolutionaries are prepared to pay the price in our own blood, so too are we ready to fight, and we refuse to take these arrests with the bourgeois docility which this system promotes. Communists are fighters, and this movement is only as good as its support for its political prisoners.

Even in this moment the masses in North Austin are rebelling heroically against ICE raids, and our best are beside them, facing more targeted arrest and violent attacks. We need those who are with us in the spirit of fighting to help spread this statement. Defend Our Hoodz called upon the people to rebel against the gentrifying scum and the fascist neo-Nazis who back them. More than ever we stand firmly behind this cause and will fight the right without mercy. Fuck gentrification, fight ICE with fire, and death to fascism. The pigs can beat us, arrest us, and even kill us, but every single time they take one of us three more rise to take on their work and our fighting spirit only gets stronger. We burn with righteous hatred for all enemies of the people.

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– Red Guards Austin

Internationalism is a Matter of Life and Death

Why we defend the revolution in Rojava.


Revisionists are allergic to revolution—the very thought of liberation sends them into involuntary shivers. Our orientation toward them remains the same: if we cannot convince them we will out organize them and isolate them to the best of our limited ability in local conditions. When our positions paper was released in the middle of last year it caused right-revisionists to squirm with unfounded fears that they were under immediate violent threat from our small collective. As hysterical as this was we insist our position is the same. As revolution grows their allergy places them in direct and antagonistic contradiction with the revolutionary forces, history has shown this the world over. For a revolutionary situation to mount, revisionism of the unarmed legalist variety can no longer hold sway with the people. This is a universal law. Their tacit and surface level support for “armed struggle” is only the trap door which sits at the base of the gallows of electoral politics. They support reactionary states over revolutionary armed forces the world over.

Red fighters against Daesh fascism in Rojava

Our recent fundraiser to send anti-fascists to Rojava (which was pulled down from youcaring’s website) generated enough backlash from these so-called leftists that it provides us a moment of political education which we would like to share with our supporters or those still confused by the political quagmire that is the Syrian situation.  Without pause to even make an analysis, the reactionaries who call themselves socialists began crying out with farcical and laughable ideas that “RGA is invading Syria”, which is even funnier than when we were accused of hunting them down like dogs. We were called imperialists and our supporters were banned from online groups. These revisionists wasted no time using their petty social media capital to suppress any efforts on our part to support the struggle against Daesh. Their “support” is meaningless whether it is for the Assad government or for the PYD-led efforts in Rojava, it is the support of spectators, of flies on the wall.

Maoist Guerrilla of TKP/ML TIKKO in Rojava

So let’s unpack this a little bit—expecting no response from the revisionists. We won’t argue with them but we make our case to those yet to take a side. One of the fundamental reasons that the Kurdish revolutionaries have inspired so many groups and armies in the region is their commitment to armed struggle; they do not fear the gun and have held fast to this throughout their many changes. While we are Maoists who do not share their Democratic Confederalist ideology, we too are inspired by their commitment to revolutionary armed struggle, especially by the groups who are fighting Daesh (ISIS/ISIL).  As Maoists we believe in the right to self-determination for oppressed nations and unlike these revisionists we actually follow the teachings of comrade Stalin on this question. By all measures the Kurdish people are a divided and oppressed as well as occupied nation and all revolutionaries must support their right to self-determination. This means revolutionaries oppose not only Daesh but the Turkish state and the Islamist forces in the Free Syrian Army as well.  The principle aspect in the fight against the black forces of reaction in the region is an anti-fascist characteristic that cannot be ignored.  What Rojava represents to us and the world is irreplaceable—it represents revolutionary progress, internationalist solidarity, and the front line against fascism. Daesh and their supporters represent the most backward and sick ideology which praises feudalism, fundamentalism, rape slavery, torture, and worships death.  US imperialism reluctantly “opposing” Daesh all while covertly seeing to it that aid reaches them through their reactionary puppets in the FSA is not a reason for us to denounce the comrades in Rojava that include both Maoist and Marxist-Leninist communist parties, armies, and organizations.

So why do the revisionists seethe with hatred for the liberators in Rojava?  This is due to their mechanical, dogmatic, and delusional insistence that China is socialist and Russia is a progressive force in the world today. While centrists claim this is a matter that should be left aside when making revolution, that we should submit to unprincipled peace, we remain firm that this is a distinction of revolutionary importance.

Support for Rojava and freedom from occupied Ireland! 

As China, Russia, and Iran keep Assad on life support, it becomes the top task of these domestic revisionists to discourage support for those fighting fascism in the region, even for those who are not at war with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). They ignore the Kurdish nation’s right to self-determination and go so far as to claim we support “invading Syria”. Let us be clear: Rojava is no longer occupied by Syria. Rojava is Kurdish land. As the PYD allied forced do enter Syria it is in the fight against fascism and it is with the support of Arab Syrians. The city of Raqqa is a Daesh stronghold and Daesh poses the most immediate threat to the masses of people—Arab and Kurd alike. We are for the eradication of fascism, we are for the Americans who died fighting Franco, we are for the revolutionaries from all over the world who serve in the fight against Daesh fascism. As these comrades prepare to face death at the hands of this savage beast our hearts swell with pride for them.

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new **

Em hatin!

Death to Daesh!

Long live the International Freedom Battalion!

-Red Guards Austin

The legal-left and other toothless dogs: A J-20 report

The legal-left and other toothless dogs: A J-20 report


The pig collaborators clutched their pearls days before the first big demo of the new year. They sent their most palatable representatives to seek a parlay with us wanting some kind of “assurance” that we were not planning to “wig out,” which we assume means riot. This is all due to the fact that so-called “One Resistance” is a misnamed coalition of pig apologists, collaborators, and NGO poverty pimps who seek to prance around harmlessly squarely within the confines of Trump’s law and order, ruffling no feathers and having all permits in order while inviting none other than the racist murdering pigs and the state trooper brownshirts who have been violently attacking antifascist organizers for months.

The legal “left” seeks such collaboration and reassurances first because they hate and fear the masses. They fear the righteous anger and the rebellion of the masses and as a result have no other army to protect them except the one which already represents their class interests: the police. The legal-left is so deep in the mire of reformism and electoral cretinism that they have long ago lost any semblance of revolutionary vigor. They would pass us off as confused and angry youths, but the truth is quite the opposite. In fact, it is our understanding and application of revolutionary science that guards us against their type of capitulation as well as their conciliatory approach toward the state and other class enemies. We are not confused. When we fight, we fight for communism, and all our constructive and destructive activity is geared toward building our party, which will wage a protracted people’s war, establishing socialism and continuing the revolution under the rule of the working class.

Some of the worst legal-left organizations have a long track record of being paid by the police, and we have already argued in other places that groups like Austin Justice Coalition should not be worked with. Yet there are still some “socialist” organizations who continue to sit with them and prop up their sham “resistance.” What does resistance even mean to these cretins? To us, resistance means rebellion. Put simply, resistance means putting a stop to anything and everything that harms our class. It means fighting tooth and nail to build the structures to defend ourselves and make war against this system. Resistance does not mean respectability politics and calmly tailing behind trade unions who endorse Democrats while running useless candidates. Resistance cannot mean working within the system, and it certainly does not mean calling yourself a “socialist” out of fear of what it means to live up to the title of communist.16215683_137964006709729_1883193440_n

Communists are rebels, and we resist. We resist anything to do with this toxic, abusive, and profoundly sick system, and we aim to kill it. We mince no words about this and discourage anyone from swallowing the sugar pills of the legal-left, who have gotten so soft soaking in the system that one is hard pressed to even tell the difference between them and the rest of the filth.

We participated in and supported the call for a united antifascist bloc. This bloc was formed principally for self-defense, not only against the police but also against the liberals and their legal-left vultures and any other enemy of the people. At previous demos after Trump defeated the war criminal Clinton, our comrades were attacked by the state and fascists and have been snitched on (framed, actually) by liberals, who materially serve as the front line of defense for fascists and as an intelligence network for the pigs. Our bloc offered us strength in numbers while preventing liberals and their legal-left representatives from ideologically or physically dividing us or watering down our message.


Maoism gives us the weapons that will crush the enemy beneath the boots of the masses. It lights the way and exposes the opportunists and sellouts who have outlived themselves. It provides us with three indispensible weapons that all Maoist organizations, regardless of their size, are working to build and establish.

The first and most important among these is the Maoist party—Red Guards Austin’s reason for existence is to build this party with other Maoists in the US. The party-building organization becomes the most crucial weapon for a Maoist because all other work stems from the success of the party building effort. Without a party there will be no revolution. The party is the organized expression of the working class; it is the leader in everything.

The second most important indispensable  weapon is the people’s army, which is commanded exclusively by the Maoist communist party and exists in nuclei in the form of partisan squads and people’s self-defense units. As the party-building efforts mount and crystalize through struggles and two-line struggles internal to ourselves, we will continue to militarize and build an army around our party that will be focused on people and not technology or weaponry—people’s soldiers who will arm themselves by capturing weapons from the enemy in the proletarian method of building armed forces. We reiterate the universal truth of Maoism by repeating these words from Mao: “Without a people’s army, the people have nothing.” For us, inch by inch the party and the people’s army even in their embryonic states are inseparable, they grow together and live and die together.

The third indispensable weapon is the united front, and in our case this means a united front between all friends of the people who are naturally enemies of rising fascism. Our united front is composed principally of the organizations of the masses and revolutionary mass organizations, oppressed-nations organizations, and the broad masses of the people themselves.

These three weapons must be cultivated at all stages of building and must not be ignored or neglected. To do so would be to neglect the needs of the people and fail to serve and defend them wholeheartedly.

So what is different about the antifascist bloc we took part in and helped to lead? For starters, it correctly identifies who our friends are and who our enemies are by safeguarding against the police and exposing rising fascism as the number one threat posed by this presidency. Secondly, it is a structure that allows for a diversity of tactics without compromising on self-defense. In the past the enemy and enemy agents have been able to isolate comrades and seriously injure or arrest them. The antifascist bloc at J-20 was a nascent form of a more disciplined bloc that can move as a unit and coordinate defensive moves—or attacks, for that matter. We learn by doing, and this action provided us with a practical basis for more disciplined militant actions to come. Thirdly, to be antifascist means abandoning fascist notions of ideal workers. This means we understand our class with nuance, that within our class is multiple overlapping oppressions rooted in class based oppression and exploitation some workers face a compounded set of oppressions. We are all-inclusive so that all can contribute to the best of their ability for the people and the revolution. Unlike the legal-left, which fails to keep pace, stick together, or provide spaces for those with mobility impairments, we march to include all of our comrades, who are well fit to smash a fascist from their wheelchairs if need be.  This too is a vital part of serving the actual needs of the people where the legal-left fail and show their true colors as ideological agents of the existing state by reproducing elitism and ignorance obscuring the matter.

People are disabled by capitalism, and the socialist system which we are prepared to die for is one that does not disable people and does not exclude anyone from social activity, which must be mainly understood as rebellion. While liberals and the legal-left will of course hide behind their hollow claims of fighting for disabled people, the reality is that time and again, it is they who help perpetuate not only disability but the discriminatory ideology that underpins it. Furthermore, and crucially, the methods the liberals and the legal-left cling to are completely unable to create the kind of society where all give according to ability and receive according to need. This is a society that can be won only through class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat. This society, communism, can come about only through a revolutionary socialist epoch to remold and transform society.

Finally, we must also state that it was not well-meaning liberals who defeated the Nazis and their fascist hordes—it was Communists! It was Stalin’s Red Army that closed and liberated the death camps in Poland. It was not love that trumped hate—it was guns wielded and commanded by Communists. Ideologically, we condemn nonviolence as counterrevolutionary trash which is in direct service to the ruling class. Antifascism means preparing to use and master revolutionary violence. It means organizing in a far-seeing way, beyond demos and antifa response work, beyond even armed community self-defense into people’s war.



This first big demo of the new year shows us two paths: on one hand, the liberal and legal-left road to nowhere, which sits squarely inside the system and lacks the vision of anything else, and on the other hand the road of rebellion, of actual resistance, of finally taking off the shackles of this system and standing up against it—of not working within it but killing it from the outside. We are small right now, but we are growing and will continue to grow. Because we tirelessly stand for the working class and never abandon its worldview, and because we insist on analyzing all questions using revolutionary science, communists are both far-sighted and perceptive of the internal motion of things. This is why we make the best analysis and pose the greatest threat to the capitalist system. We chart our own path and build our own forces, and we can develop and sharpen our own weapons as well as capturing them from the enemy. We do not fear the people but embolden them, politicize and train them to form militias and then an army. We know the people do not fear us either, because we speak with them constantly.

What about the pigs themselves? They kept a distance, and we feel this is due in part to the success of the antifascist bloc. Several of the crowd’s chants struck a nerve with the pigs, and in spite of their anger they found it impossible to single out leaders this time. The pigs even went so far as to suggest that they protect us “commies,” a claim that is laughable, since it is they who pepper-spray, beat, and arrest us and in one case attempted to kill one of us.

The march itself, on our end, was a success: we protected each other, drew necessary lines of demarcation, and gave a clear antifascist message. We concluded the night with flaming American flags and a burning effigy of Donald Trump in piñata form to chants of “Love doesn’t trump hate—punch a Nazi in the face!”, “Fuck Trump, fuck Pence—organize for self-defense!”, and “One solution: revolution!” We will never give assurance to the legal-left. We are not accountable to toothless dogs than cannot bite even when cornered by fascists. We are accountable only to the people. It is right to rebel, to increase the pressure, and to turn rebellion into real resistance and to convert resistance into revolution—armed struggle, people’s war!

Down with all traitors to the people!

Delay means death! Organize against fascism!

– Red Guards Austin, January 2017


Statement for the New Year


Warm greetings and happy new year to our comrades across the globe, to our supporters here, and to all fellow travelers and anti-fascists!

Since just before the elections state repression on activists in Austin has been increasing. Now at least two local comrades have received unwarranted visits from the FBI, neither of these comrades spoke to the pigs and it was not made clear to us by our supporters what the pigs were after. We must live by a simple policy- I saw nothing, I heard nothing, and I will say nothing! In the political climate where right wing and fascist populism continues to spread like a contagion and on the eve of Trumps inauguration we, more than ever, must adopt firm principles of security culture. Already we have seen the state go to extreme measures to attack and attempt to frame our comrades.

During the first wave of anti-Trump protests, Texas Department of Public Safety officers (brown shirts) arrested over ten people on bullshit charges, they added and removed street signs to tow cars belonging to activists and then intentionally lost them in their databases (losing entire cars still not returned) while fees continued to accumulate. The State Pigs battered one comrade and broke his neck while trying to frame him for assault with a deadly weapon, a charge so far-fetched not even the court would touch it. As mentioned in other statements their goal was to eliminate a revolutionary leader among the people. He was denied medical attention in the cities dungeon where his injuries could have killed or paralyzed him for life; it was only due to the courageous efforts of supporters and the people that this comrade is alive and recovering today. Five other comrades were charged with intervening in police matters (saving the life of their comrade from kill happy pigs). Some of these comrades face trumped up and false charges of assaulting an officer which in Texas is a serious charge. State Pigs did not stop at making arrests and trying to kill activists they proceeded to provide the media (including fascist media like Breitbart, Infowars etc.) with detailed list and photos of the Red anti-fascists who were arrested. Falsely reporting that all who were arrested were Red Guards, this resulted in the pigs intentionally misgendering trans prisoners during a hospital bedside illegal interrogation. This fascist relationship between the armed goons of the state and those tasked with reproducing the ideology of it becomes crystal clear as the media is the liaison between the fascists in uniform and those out of uniform. As a result of this legal doxxing our activists and supports have been on high-alert and instructed to be prepared to defend themselves against hate crimes and fascist attacks, as always, by any means necessary. We must pull out all stops and continue to raise money for the legal and political defense of these comrades.

Pig pressing knee on comrades broken neck. 

The state brought out its brown shirts again on November 19th to protect just over a dozen fascists from around 1,000 anti-fascists. Videos can be seen of hardcore neo-Nazis crying for the state pigs to provide them with a safe-space—the pigs obliged by bringing over 150 riot cops to escort the trembling and scared neo-Nazis back to their vehicles and out of town. While this made our message loud and clear in Austin, the very same DPS brown shirt pigs were seen a few weeks later protecting neo-Nazi Richard Spencer at Texas A&M university in College Station where they made arrests and gave one comrade a concussion after hitting her in the face with a rifle butt. Again anti-fascists were fearless in confronting the enemy.

It comes as no shock or surprise that the local and state police along with the FBI have been knocking on doors in the past few weeks to try and scare or intimidate activists, impeding their ability to organize. At exactly the same time opportunists have chosen this moment to launch character attacks—spreading rumor, lies, and innuendo in classical Trotskyite fashion. Remember there is not a ship that sails without rats, rats that make their presence felt the moment things get tough, we can and must weather this. As the state hunts down, batters, and frames revolutionaries these rats are eager to do the job of discrediting from within the parameters of the “communist movement”. This is called pig-work and it is carried out by agents and useful-idiots alike. It is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form regardless of one’s intention. Real community organizers and our supporters are battling the system to stay alive, stay free, and most importantly to resist—we fight tooth and nail to build the communist party as visualized by Lenin and Mao.

There is nothing less desirable to and more hated by the state and powers-that-be than a Maoist Communist Party because unlike other so-called parties it exists for one reason—the violent overthrow of the existing order. This means  armed struggle, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and the continuation of revolution in the period of socialism. This type of party is iron clad and our party building organizations must also be iron clad. We must continue to build, to unite with all who can be united with, and expose the opportunists and barge rats for the Trots they are. We stand for the establishment of anti-fascist self-defense units which must be armed when and where possible. We stand for the building of the party and its construction of a people’s army and a united front between all those oppressed and exploited by the capitalist-imperialist system, by all those who hate fascism and love liberation. If this has earned us the enmity of the increasingly fascist state we must accept our role as rebels and proceed accordingly.

We call upon all true friends to pay close attention to these developments, to slam the door in the face of any pig who comes knocking, and to organize like never before against the tide of death that is fascism. We strongly encourage all comrades to not give into liberal tendencies which now more than ever can be in service to the pig system. Counter intelligence programs will make a comeback and disinformation is their currency. We must use the science of Marxism Leninism Maoism to cut through the fog—this means holding fast to our principles and improving our style of work. We are committed to continuing the fight in the year 2017 as we have for the past two years, without mincing words or concealing our views! If you are in Austin and support the work of RGA we press upon you the need to get organized, we encourage people to join one of the local progressive, militant, or revolutionary organizations who as we write this are fighting hard for a better world, these include; Revolutionary Alliance of Trans People Against Capitalism, Serve The People, Defend our Hoodz/Defiende el Barrio, the Revolutionary Student Front, and the Palestine Solidarity Committee. If you are in San Marcos we encourage you to link up with the Revolutionary Front San Marcos.

To higher summits still, let the red flag guide the way.

Red Guards Austin 2017

RATPAC; http://www.facebook.com/RATPACfightsback

STP-A; https://www.facebook.com/servethepeopleaustin

DOH/DEB; http://www.facebook.com/defendourhoodz

RSF; http://www.facebook.com/RSFAustin

PSC; http://www.facebook.com/utpsc

RFSM; https://www.facebook.com/RF78666

DO NOT REVERSE THE VERDICT: A Tribute to Comrade Joseph Stalin


In the history of the communist movement, few figures offer such constant and thorough demarcations as Joseph Stalin. The very mention of his name separates the grain from the chaff and the phony from the real communists; few have ever reached such noble heights. Comrade Stalin is rightly regarded as one of the great teachers of Marxism; he is adored alongside Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao with good reason. Some stains however do not wash out, and Maoism is no different; we still have those among us who would devalue Comrade Stalin, who would take the secondary aspect of his errors in dialectical materialism and make them the principle factor. These types of people only shoot themselves in the foot and look foolish limping out of history.

On this day we choose to celebrate the life and contributions of Comrade Stalin, which is far too beautiful and vast to recount here. In the days when Stalin was known as Koba, he not only financed the Bolshevik Party through armed expropriations, he also led sporadic guerrilla fighting as early as 1905. He was a working class poet who never feared getting his hands dirty in service of the people, which set him apart from many of his Marxist contemporaries.

It was Comrade Stalin who first laid down a framework using Marxism to provide us with a basis for analyzing the national and colonial questions. Stalin as an oppressed-nation person himself contended seriously with the questions of national liberation from occupation, succession and the right to self-determination for oppressed nations. As leader of the Comintern, Comrade Stalin supported and pushed forward the Black Belt Thesis, which advocated for the right to self-determination of black Americans in the US south. It is a thesis from which we have much to learn still.

Stalin was a dedicated student and defender of Comrade Lenin, on one occasion smuggling Lenin out of the country to escape the risk of being killed. Without Stalin there would be no Leninism. Among his many contributions, synthesizing Marxism into Marxism-Leninism has to be counted as one of the greatest. It was Marxism Leninism which stormed the earth and proved itself as universal in the trenches of class struggle.

It was Comrade Stalin who ended the state capitalist project of the New Economic Program and began the construction of socialism for the first time in human history. Stalin led humanity and our class to previously unknown summits of greatness. He led a victorious struggle against the die-hard rightists and other enemies by defeating the likes of Leon Trotsky and his reactionary headquarters. Trotsky did not live and all that was to come of his ideology is the running joke that is Trotskyism, with its crews of reactionaries who fear the term Communist and instead opt for “socialist” when formulating and naming their revisionist organizations, yet it was Marx who correctly stated that a communist disdains to hide their views.

Among the most valuable of Comrade Stalin’s contributions was his decisive leadership in defeating the greatest threat to our class, the fascist hordes in World War 2. It was the bullets of the Red Army which put down the Nazi dogs and it was Communist hands which tore down the gates of Auschwitz. In these troubled times where fascist populism is on the rise in the imperialist countries let the spirit of Comrade Stalin light our way to battle once more.

With the death of Comrade Stalin came those who would restore capitalism in the USSR. To accomplish this treachery, they had to do their utmost to discredit the name Stalin. Mao Zedong led the charge against the modern revisionists who would try and “de-Stalinize” the International Communist Movement, and true Communists all over the world mourned for the loss of our hero and upheld Chairman Mao’s correct assessment of Comrade Stalin. It is not that we deny Stalin having made errors, it is that we understand that those who try to erase Stalin are making a grave mistake. They seek to smuggle in the same rightism which was displayed by the reactionaries in power in the USSR when they reformed the name of Bukharin. Our domestic revisionists have attempted as much in other ways, which is evident in every sellout or “post Maoist” who has turned in their communism and turned their back on the people. They all began this road with a hyper-critical denunciation of Comrade Stalin.

Once more it is none other than Stalin who separates the real from the fake. It was Comrade Stalin who served as the bridge between two of the three greatest theorists to have ever lived; Lenin and Mao. Maoists who would dispense with Stalin cease to be Maoists! To live on in our hearts is to live eternal. Happy birthday to the man of steel. Let one million communists be forged in your honor and in your vein.