Call for solidarity with Detained Occupy ICE activist Mapache


On the morning of 8/3/18, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested a young activist involved with the Occupy ICE encampment in San Antonio, Texas. The activist Mapache, has now been transferred to the Webb Detention Center in Laredo, Texas. Mapache at only 18 years old and a recent high school graduate has already earned a reputation as a staunch activist against deportations and is known by his comrades as a kind and dedicated person who loves his people.

The  Occupy ICE encampment in San Antonio has earned the hatred of non-state fascists and fascistic reactionary state agencies alike, having recently been attacked by fascist group Patriot Front on the 28th of last month. As critical as we may be of occupy type tactics we fully commend the dedication of these activist comrades.  While a lot more can and will be said on our points of political divergence now is the time to show our utmost support for Mapache and the others standing up to deportations in  San Antonio. This experience further indicates the need for both solidarity and preparation to defend the movement from the organized forces of reaction, be they state agencies or populist fascist terror organizations. Deportations are one of the clearest manifestations of proto-fascist policies being used against the people. We are resolute in this fight.

We wish to remind our supporters and the people in general that to be attacked by the enemy only proves that we have demarcated ourselves from them. The people see this kind of repression and it provokes in them a burning passion for liberation, everywhere there is repression there must be resistance! We work toward construction of the type of defense units that can use force to prevent these kinds of targeted arrests that have taken Mapache from the people. Mapache is now a political prisoner who has made a great sacrifice for the people and must be honored as such. He is detained in the exact system he lives to fight against.

More information is forthcoming and we will seek to share any information we come across or receive to help the activists in San Antonio boost awareness and support. We invite those involved to reach out to us directly for any support we can provide.

As Occupy ICE San Antonio has withstood increasing attack and persevered through them, those outside of San Antonio must increase the pressure against ICE in our own cities and target all parts of the mechanism of deportation with protest and resistance. This includes the fight against Southwest Key which is headquartered in Austin. Actions should be carried out in the name of Mapache!

Protest and resistance are not enough, we must steadily organize the masses in this conflict and through it develop iron revolutionary structures and military structures which can fully unleash the fury of the people while safeguarding the most vulnerable sections of our people. We fully advocate for the formation of self-defense units as the clearest way to show solidarity. These units must learn to defend our communities by any means necessary.

Solidarity to the activists in San Antonio!

Free Mapache now!

Fight ICE with fire!

-Red Guards Austin, 2018