Report Back from May Day 2018 in Austin


Fuck marching downtown—we took to the streets of the popular neighborhoods where the working-class and oppressed nations masses live and socialize. Baptize yourself in the struggles of the people, and you will rise anew. Activist traditions from the middle class advocate for doing the same thing every year in a controlled location far away from the toiling classes. This year, instead of our previous downtown marches, we determined to be among the people so that we could better facilitate interaction and control the message we put out.

An unpermitted illegal march took place in the East Riverside neighborhood, which we refer to as the 41. The 41 is now in the main crosshairs of big real estate developers who want to gentrify the neighborhood and force out its traditionally working-class population, much the same way that these vultures and their paid activists have done to the 02 just across the river.


The neighborhood people responded enthusiastically to the chants in both Spanish and English, which denounced enemies of the people whether they are the police, developers, or ICE agents. Our message was clear: What do we have? Nothing! What do we want? Everything! This means that the workers of the world have the world to win. The working class is the future, and the bourgeoisie’s days are numbered—they have no future at all.


The police were slow to respond in spite of the fact that they treat the 41 as a colony under police occupation. They bust our neighbors’ doors down, crack skulls, and maraud around nightly. What they fear is the unity between militants and the masses, and what they fear the most is the founding of a real Communist Party that can more and more effectively push them out. The masses cry out for power, and the police are the first line of defense for the parasitic class.


To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the French May ’68 rebellion, the march included a large photo of Comrade Pierre, who was a fighter in May ’68, as a memorial. Comrade Pierre is as immortal as the spirit of 1968. Let the memories of fallen fighters inspire us to do better each and every year.


From start to finish, the masses, especially working-class oppressed-nations people, stood to watch or walk alongside the march. They were positive and overwhelmingly receptive. Supporters helped handing out literature to the people to ensure as many as possible got the message about revolutionary May Day. Two working-class youths stuck with half of the march and were given bandanas with hammers and sickles on them.  The youth were excited about literature and were eager to hear about Communism.


The response from the people is where our victories can be found. A liberal-NGO parade downtown cannot meaningfully interact with the masses and the youth of the working class and oppressed nations. Instead they conceal their views while Communists unabashedly fly the glorious red flag of our martyrs—emblazoned with the international symbol of the workers and peasants.

White May Day, put on last year by the Austin Social(fasc)ist Collective, did not manage to make an appearance this year, as Red May Day persisted in the Communist spirit of anti-revisionism and independence for the fourth year running. We vow to increase the pressure and throw our full support around conquering the 41 in the name of the working class. We will do the patient and necessary work to make good use of the contacts developed this May Day, and we will mobilize the people as a mighty torrent against gentrification, displacement, and other capitalist abuses we suffer daily. We urge all supporters to get involved with fighting back against the landlords, NGOs, and big real estate developers who wish to devour the Ballpark Apartments and replace them with a sprawling monstrosity of condos and boutique shops for the wealthy only. They intend for Ballpark to be an appetizer before continuing to consume all of Riverside—we intend to make them choke on this bite.

The working-class masses are the real heroes and we salute them first and foremost on International Workers’ Day 2018!

—Red Guards Austin, May 2018