Solidarity with Charlotte Antifascists


On December 28th our comrades in Charlotte North Carolina will be prepared and ready to defend their city from white nationalists and other fascists who have threatened to march there. Some months back an Anti-Communist group declared that they would hold a rally on December 28th. The “rally against communism” which they also call “Charlottesville #2” was supposed to take place at Marshall Park and was supposed to feature Richard Spencer, who allegedly got cold feet since he cannot seem to go anywhere without being rightfully punched in the face, tormented and silenced. The communist, progressive and anti-racist forces in Charlotte called for a counter rally to shut down the right. There has been some slippery back and forth from the fascist’s side as to whether or not they will actually show up. This does not matter. What matters is that the Communists, progressives and anti-racists do show up.

The Alt-right is notoriously dishonest, as with all fascists they base their propaganda on lies and eclecticism; they have no consolidated ideology and change up with the weather. No one should take them at their word; it is safe to assume that they are only pretending to cancel so that their pathetic numbers have a better chance of terrorizing the city unopposed. And if they do not show up it is not due to their better judgment but due to their cowardice in the face of antifascist victories all over the country in response to the murder they committed in Charlottesville Virginia. The people and the revolutionaries have made it clear—alt-right not welcome!

We have learned this much, when fascists are scared to show up, or forced to back down this gives antifascists another cause for celebration. If the fascists have successfully been cowed without even showing face then our side is presented with the opportunity to rise to the occasion and spread our message of anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-fascism. Our side can spread its message of comradery, equality, solidarity and love for our people—the message of communism!

In the long drawn out and bloody battles we know clearly what we are against, it is equally if not more important to know what we are for. Antifascism means serving the people, it is not enough to just show up and smash a racist’s head into the concrete or hit them with ax handles, this is great and noble work which must be done, but it is not enough. We must consistently turn out for the masses of people. We must fight against slum lords, predatory businesses, police and police abuse, hunger and poverty. We must battle day to day alongside the working class for a better lot in life—which can only be brought about with the promise of socialism. This is what it means to be an antifascist and anything less just characterizes a movement by what it’s against leaving it blinded to what it is for. We hate fascists because they spell out the very worst of capitalism.

Our comrades will turn out for the masses, they will bring their best and they will make the day worth celebrating, they will be able to send a deafening message to any fascist with his sights on Charlotte—do not go there, unless of course they just want the same hell, humiliation and defeat they face in Austin.  We have the utmost respect for the Maoists and other antifascists of that city and full faith that they will hold it down. The south gets more red every year and racists are not welcome to parade in southern streets, as long as there are communists, we will fight to the last one of us.

Since the very first moment fascists emerged in history they have been fought tooth and nail, blow for blow by communists, we are honored to continue this tradition and have no fear of sacrifice. We know that should we fall, three more will arise to pick up our clubs, our theories and our riffles. With this attitude we communists are invincible. The masses of Charlotte have showed the best of courage during the Charlotte Uprising, these masses with communist leadership will make that city the grave of the alt-right. We have no pity for our enemy we are just glad we do not march to that grave in their boots.

Turn out for the masses! Thursday, December 28th. 4:00 pm, Marshall Park (near the statue) 800 E. 3rd St, Charlotte NC

Long live Antifascism

Long live the masses and Communists of Charlotte!