On the rise of White, Right Wing Terrorism in the US



It has come to our attention that out of state fascists have been plotting false flag terrorist attacks which they aim to pin on “antifa.” A group of alt-right 4chan trolls who call themselves “anti-communist action” have mentioned the cities of Portland, Austin and San Bernardino as potential sites for their terrorist activity. These plots could be an effort from far right internet trolls to spread fear and doubt, or they could very well be concrete plots to harm the people. These types of attacks have taken place and do take place so they must be regarded seriously. Fascists will go to any length to accomplish their hateful goals. We must constantly organize against fascist terrorism, expose it to the people and steel them against it. We must win over the masses of people who are repulsed by such actions and turn those people into committed antifascists.


Fascism can be understood as the open terrorist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie (our current elite ruling class of monopoly capitalists). Anti-social terrorism is a reactionary action. Violent attacks hell bent on turning the hands of time backward against any social progress, whether it is genuine progress or just the unfounded fears of the right. It comes as no surprise that with the rise of fascism we see an increase in anti-social terrorism. Fascism both as a form of government as well as a social movement is inherently unstable; it must rely on desperate acts of malice and brutality.  Even at lower levels of fascist organizing we see these actions and they will only grow in proportion with the fascist movement. It must be understood that the fascist will act out every level of violence they feel capable off and that bus stop knife attacks are a promise of future pogroms if unchecked.


Communists and other anti-fascists must be far sighted; this is why we do not rely on terrorism or any other violent anti-social activities. We work alongside the people in their day to day struggles to build popular movements, because without the masses of people all movements have a short shelf life. It is the masses of people themselves who are the movers of history; it is the people who propel history forward. This activity of the people is another reason why fascists rely on terrorism against the people themselves. This mass mobilization is what will rid the world of fascism. Our class must be organized into the Communist Party—a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party which will lead in this battle. Terrorism and other anti-people crimes will not bring us closer to revolution; this is only accomplished through the conscious activity of the masses. Communists condemn individualist acts of violence because they do not and cannot serve our class. It is our ideology of class action which the state fears more than such individual actions. We must not tolerate activity which is reckless with the trust of our people.


The neo-Nazi internet trolls of 4chan have tried and to some degree been successful at popularizing their movement, but hardwired into these people is a streak of anti-social behavior that can put them at odds with even their right wing allies when they finally emerge out of the dark recesses of the internet and into the streets. The “alt-right” is just the term they prefer to hide their neo-nazi politics behind, with shitty hipster haircuts and a more palatable dress code. This is just another sub-cultural style which they use to gain mass appeal while clinging to plausible deniability of their fascist ideology.


Fascism tends to rely on dishonest populism and cryptic politics in order to capture an audience. It is for these same reasons that it must be ideologically confronted, exposed and denied a platform.  Whenever fascism creeps into practical organizing it must be sent running back to its dungeons, even there it should be hunted monitored and pursued out of existence.


American fascists will pose a hardline on far right Islamic fundamentalists, even though their ideology is only a stone’s throw away from it.  This can be at times perplexing because both are religious or far right extremists and the contempt can only be found in their oppositional nationalisms as well as the white supremacist ideology of the American fascist. Fascism is rife with contradiction; it cannot seek harmony even with itself. The more that we can expose these contradictions the more difficult the fascist will find it to organize using the conventional methods of the left—protests and mass gatherings etc.


While Trump claims that he will protect America from the kind of terrorist attacks London has been experiencing, what becomes clear is that these types of terrorist attacks on US soil are not being carried out by ISIS. They are being carried out by Trump’s most fervent supporters. It is the very people who champion the reactionary fascist slogan “make America great again” who are the ones terrorizing the population.


It would seem the right always behaves as a dog backed into a corner and this is consistent with their ideology. These “patriots” are reeling from the influx of immigrants that are the result of all American imperialist conquest across the world.  A quick scroll through their forums and you can see them crying out about wanting to preserve the White race from genocide—because apparently the influx of black and brown people equals end of white people? This sort of racial paranoia leaves some of us asking “Now who are the ‘snowflakes’ again?” They make jokes about the left being “triggered” by their vulgar behavior yet it is they who shiver and cry “genocide” at the sight of mixed race babies.


While the fascist will at times try to use traditionally left wing methods and appear as activists, it is terrorism that is at their core. They even attempt to move into direct action “antifa” style confrontations in a desperate effort to secure their platform. We will never stoop to their level of anti-social terrorism; we will not stoop to crimes against the people! While the left and the right are mainly in a propaganda war at this stage we must nonetheless confront them. Their attacks on antifascists and the broad masses must be met with swift resistance by any means. Fascism must be resisted at all costs and we must build a popular antifascists movement—this is our crucial task. While not every single one of us can be on the frontlines it is important that we all find our place in the struggle against fascism. There are so many avenues for us to push the message of antifascism. We must remain creative and interwoven in the fabric of the people’s everyday life. We have to build a culture of resistance and rebellion. Whether by words or by deeds every act against fascism is needed: do not shut up, do not back down and do not hide in fear. The future which they promise is far more horrifying than anything we face today. Take heart and do not let them have an inch. We will win; we have only two choices ahead, resistance or subjugation.


-Red Guards Austin, June 9th 2017