Media Blackout of Police Shooting in Austin. FREE PICKLE NOW


A week ago the Austin Police Department shot a black man nine times, then claim he pointed a gun at them. Lawrence Parrish affectionately known to the community as Pickle, the man the police did their damnedist to try and kill was actually unarmed according to his mother. His family was denied visitation and now he lays bleeding in Dell Valle Jail fighting for his life. Pickle has had body parts removed due to this shooting without his consent or his families consent and is being treated as an inmate instead of a patient who is on the brink. Our sworn duty is to serve the people and this means that Lawrence must not fight alone.  It is no surprise to us that APD tried to murder another unarmed black man, it did not surprise us to hear that they planted a riffle near his body. If their story was true this would not change the fact that Lawrence did nothing to deserve this, the very same pigs who protect the KKK, white lives matter and the Neo-Nazi alt-right have a track record of murdering black people. These pigs have received paid vacation in the form “administrative leave”, a reward for their bloodthirsty, racist and anti-people activity.

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Our hearts go out to the family who held a fundraiser today Easter Sunday in Givens Park in Austin’s east side, and of course, our rage goes out to APD the courts and the prisons who remain a vessel for modern day lynching, mass murder and slavery. Originally the APD had the nerve to state that Pickle fired at the pigs, this lie was proven false by a basic test on the riffle. Time will show that the pigs are also lying about Pikle having the riffle. The people demand that this does not be swept under the rug with the current media blackout since Pickles case has only been reported by networks who has consistently pushed the narrative of the pigs. We push the people’s narrative and tell the pigs to meet us outside because we are ready to do battle for pickle, we call on all to protest, organize, link up and apply the pressure to break this story and rally around the family. We ask that those who can afford it make a donation to help the family persist against this travesty.

Conveniently for them the police have no video of the attempted murder of Pickle. We are expected to take their lying ass corrupt word for it. The pigs have already lied first about being fired upon then they tell us they have no video, then they lie again claiming that the Pickle was shot “a few times” in what world is NINE TIMES a few? The media which exists to reproduce the mostly white ruling class ways of thinking has swallowed this concoction without blinking even though they have had to back track as the lies unfold.  What is worse still is they expect us to swallow this shit too. Like in many cases when the police shoot an unarmed man they have the nerve to charge their victim with assault. In reality it was the police who attempted not only assault but murder. It was Pig Paul Bianchi, Pig  Jordan Wagstaff, Pig Dane O’Neill, and Pig Marcos Johnson. All four of them tried to kill Pickle but they failed, he lives and we must pull out all stops to free him.


The police exist in our communities like an occupying army, they are the first line of defense for ruling class white supremacist capitalism, with their deeds they bring death to the people and break up our families. We must state clearly that this war was waged on black people by the police, black people are already at war with this system and need a peoples army which can defend and fight. In short we need liberation. There are bad cops and there is bad training but we cannot write this off to just those two particular characteristics of the police. We must dig deeper, look at the fact that the police started as slave catchers and have functioned as that ever since. A good man in a slaughter house still has blood on his hands this system is not about the character traits of individuals within it but about its function as a whole.

Upcoming actions include a phone jam of the jail which has been called for by Serve The People Austin and others, a protest Thursday outside of Dell Valley Jail (details to be announced). You can get involved by reaching out to us directly or contacting Serve The People Austin.

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